Shanghai shenbiao Architectural Design Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. Shanghai Construction Committee is the design and research institution established to promote the development of building technology standardization. The company has grade a design qualification of construction industry (Construction Engineering), grade B qualification of urban planning, rich professional human resource allocation, and provides the society with construction engineering design, municipal industry design, engineering management, engineering technical consulting, EPC services, urban and rural planning, architectural intelligent system engineering design, landscape engineering design, architectural decoration design, new C-type building materials product research and standard Atlas Compilation and other all-round services.


Since 2002, the company has been transformed into an enterprise. It has cooperated with excellent design elites at home and abroad, based in Shanghai. Its business scope covers all parts of the country. Establish strategic cooperation relationship with well-known companies at home and abroad, such as Costco, Galeries lafatte, KPMG, 3M, Chanel, yum! , Vanke, Evergrande, poly, Yajule, Greenland, Lenovo, Netease, etc.
With the continuous prosperity of domestic construction industry, the state One belt, one road strategy has been on the upgrade, and the company has been developing rapidly. Guangzhou branch, Changsha branch, Shanghai Minhang branch, Gansu branch and Fuzhou branch have been set up, with over 400 technical teams. The backbone of each profession is the national registered practice designer and the senior middle engineer, with strong design and advanced technology and equipment.


In recent years, the bidding application head office and its branches have completed a large number of planning and design, construction engineering, EPC and PPP projects, covering the whole process of planning and design, scheme design, construction drawing design, BIM design, assembly design and component process drawing design.
We have laid a solid foundation in planning, design and project management with the service concept of "owner first" and innovative design ideas. At the same time, it is committed to the development and research of new building materials, green building energy saving, special structure, assembly design and super high-rise buildings, and has achieved fruitful results. The company's business is now all over the country and overseas.